Vidanta's welcome area


Tunnel Entry
Entry way into Vidanta Los Cabos

Welcome to luxury vacationing done right. Welcome to the world of Vidanta, a collection of six lavish resorts and various curated vacation experiences located throughout Mexico’s most beautiful landscapes. Boasting high-end amenities, comfort-filled accommodations, and the best service in Mexico, there’s nothing quite like a vacation with Vidanta.

Why Vidanta?

  1. Cruises-Vidanta is revolutionizing the way we travel with Vidanta Cruises, a luxury vacation at sea offering an intimate and authentic exploration of hidden treasures dotting mexico’s coastline. It’s the bold, high-end and fulfilling at-sea experience that only Vidanta can bring you.
Vidanta Cruise
Vidanta Cruise

2. Internationally Acclaimed Entertainment- They partner with leaders like Cirque du Soleil and Hakkasan Group to bring the latest entertainment concepts to us!

World Class Entertainment
World Class Entertainment

3. World Class Dining Experiences-The restaurants range from simple comfort food to high-end eateries, but always promise delectable fare beautifully executed by their expert chefs.

World Class Dining
One of the beautiful dining rooms

4. Name Brand Golf Courses-As Latin America’s leading golf course developer, Vidanta Golf creates gorgeous courses designed by the sport’s greats, like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman.

Vidanta Golf Course
One of the amazing golf courses

5. Comfortable and Spacious Accommodations– When we stay at the Vidanta destinations, we always enjoy luxurious and comfortable accommodations that allow our whole family to unwind in style.

Spacious Accomodations
Attractive Accommodations

6. Exceptional Service– At Vidanta, everyone feels special. They are greatly honored to have us spending our most cherished time with them and they strive to show that unending appreciation in all they do.

Great service at Vidanta
Service with a smile!