5 Important Travel Items you May Not Have Thought About

Vacationing is a time to relax and to be carefree and it can be if you do a little prep work before you head out especially if your travel includes a cruise or foreign travel. Here is a checklist of a few items you might want to consider. For documents, I made copies and put the copies in a travel binder. I organized my binder with tabs like excursions, travel insurance, ID, ect….Also, leave a copy with a trusted friend back home. Hopefully this will help you too!

  1. Passport– Not only bring your passport but also make a copy of the first page. One tip I would suggest is not to keep these 2 items together. For instance, if you leave your ship for the day, keep your original passport in your safe and just take the copy in case anything happens. Having a copy with your photo on it will make it easier to get another one.

2. Visas-Sometimes you may need a Visa to travel to a foreign country. It’s probably a good idea to check with that country’s embassy to get more information.

3. Medications-Another item you might want to check on is your medications. Some over the counter medications, prescription drugs and narcotics may be illegal in the country you want to travel to. Again, it might be advisable to check with the embassy of the country you want to visit to check about regulations and documentation that you might need.


4. Consent to travel with minors– Will you be traveling alone with your children? At foreign borders you may have to show custody documents or notarized written consent from the other parent. If this is your situation, you may want to check with that countries embassy to see what might be required.

5. International Driving Permit-Did you know many countries do not recognize the U.S drivers licence? However, they will accept an International Driving Permit. You also might need supplemental auto insurance as well.

Drivers Licence

A very useful traveling website is Travel.State.Gov. This site covers everything from U.S passports, International Travel, Visas, current travel advisories and many other topics.

I feel like traveling in general is going to be kind-of different post COVID-19. It’s probably going to take a while for people to start traveling again, for airlines to start adding flights, etc…. For many people, they will probably postpone any travel until next year. We are still going to try to go to Puerto Vallarta in October but we’ll see. We’ll be staying at our beautiful Vidanta resort. It will be wonderful to see something beyond my front door!

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Fast Get Away From New York-Bermuda (when it’s safe to travel again!)

Bermuda Island
Bermuda Island

Bermuda was never on my “bucket list”, I’ll just say that right off the bat! But when your husband says, “I want to take you away to a warm island in the middle of blue, blue waters”, you don’t say no!

Now for us, this was not a “quick trip” as the title of this post implies, because we happen to live on the West Coast. However, if you live on the East Coast, this is a very short 2hr plane ride for you!

From JFK and LaGuardia airports it is a 2hr and 15 min plane ride. Your plane lands at Bermuda LF Wade International Airport. From there you have lots of transportation options to get you around the island. You can go by bus, ferry, bikes, scooters, taxi or electric cars! Read more about transportation options HERE.

Accommodations on the island are plentiful as well! So setting up a fast weekend trip is so easy, why wouldn’t you! Start your accommodation search HERE

Why would you want to go to Bermuda you ask? Well let me tell you what I liked about it.

  1. The Pink Beaches! Did you know there was such a thing as a pink beach? Well there is! And I was able to enjoy it on our last day there. We visited one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, called Horseshoe Bay. The pink sand, turquoise waters and blue skies that never end is one reason to jump on a plane right now!
Pink sand beaches of Bermuda
Pink sand beach of Bermuda

2. The People– Bermuda is one of the friendliest places on the planet. And this is no tall tale. An instant welcome as soon as you arrive on the island, Bermudians sure know how to make you feel like you’re visiting your home away from home. No wonder the island has so many repeat visitors.

Friendly Bermudians
Some of the friendliest people on Earth!

3. The Culture– While most islands find their influence from the British, French, Spanish, and even Dutch who were squabbling over territories in the West Indies, Bermuda was left to its own devices as a British colony. And if you know anything about Bermuda, then you know its culture is almost an exact replication of British culture. Everything from language to sports is done the British way on Bermuda. Even driving! We surly enjoyed learning how to drive on the “wrong side of the road”! We also loved the pink-and-yellow Bermudian beach houses. I found myself wishing I could have a house that color!

Colorful homes of Bermuda
Colorful homes of Bermuda

4. The Local Flavors– Thanks to its mid-Atlantic location, Bermudian cuisine blends flavors and culinary techniques from England, the Caribbean, the U.S. and South America into a delicious mixture. What better combination of delectable cuisine could you ever want? And if you haven’t heard about its island staple, then you’ve officially been living under a rock. No trip to the island is complete without trying the Bermuda fish sandwich. Often time’s tourists are on the hunt for the best fish sandwich the island has to offer. If you want a head start, head to: Art Mels Spicey Dicy, Rosa’s, Seaside Grill, Swizzle Inn, Tribe Road Kitchen and The Black Horse Tavern.  Our favorite was at Art Mels. I have never had a fish sandwich quite like it! I tried to duplicate it when I got home, but wasn’t even close!

Art Mel's fish sandwich
Art Mel’s Fish Sandwich

To sum up our stay in Bermuda in one word-“perfection”! We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend it. But how we got there is a topic for another time!

We loved Bermuda!

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5 Key Phrases to learn before going to Mexico

You really don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to visit Los Cabos or it’s sister city, San Jose del Cabo. Almost everyone knows some English. However, on our first visit to the area, I noticed how appreciative the locals were when we spoke even the smallest amount of Spanish.

One day we were eating at a local restaurant and our traveling friend ordered his food in Spanish. The rest of us pointed to pictures that were on the menu. And wouldn’t you know it, his food came out first and the server was particularly helpful to him the whole time!

So, I made a mental note to myself…I’m going to learn some Spanish so the next time I’ll get special treatment! I’ve been using Babble and Duolingo to help me!

It’s hard to narrow the phrases down to just 5. This is just a starter list for you!

  1. One of the first phrases I learned right away is “Where is the bathroom?” In Spanish you would say “dónde está el baño“. In our resort, the Vidanta Grand Mayan in San Jose del Cabo, the bano was always very clean, flushing toilets, etc… but boy was I surprised when we headed into town! You can’t always put your toilet paper in the toilet! And going to the bathroom is not always free! Keep a couple of peso’s with you!
  2. Whenever we would come and go from our beautiful resort, our friend would greet each employee with Buenos dias or Buenas noches, which means good morning or good night. In turn they would put their hand over their heart and say Gracias, thank you. What a nice expression of gratitude. I loved it! Wouldn’t the people in your life be surprised if you said “thank you” with your hand over your heart!
  3. Another word in the polite category is “por favor“, please. This word is so appreciated every where! But especially when you are in a situation where you need some help. A cry for help, asked with a “por favor” will open many more doors!
  4. All of my traveling buddies enjoyed seeing the sites on foot. One day we decided to walk to the Mision de San Jose. We weren’t really paying attention where we were going…..and soon we were lost! Our traveling friend was able to carry on this conversation: my friend: “Estoy perdido. Puede auydarme“-I am lost. Can you help me? Nice local: “Adonde va?” -Where are you going? And then our friend proceeded to explain where we wanted to go! Such helpful phrases and a happy ending as we were able to find our way to the mission! (Look at that! I just gave you 2 extra phrases!)
  5. Now for my most favorite phrase! “me das el pastel de choclate?” (can I have the chocolate cake?) Well, it didn’t always have to be chocolate cake, but if there was something chocolate on the menu I wanted it! How sad that I couldn’t ask for it by name!

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