The Essential Guide to Visiting Merchants Millpond In Eastern North Carolina

Merchants Mill Pond, NC
Merchants Millpond, North Carolina

We have some deep roots in North Carolina. My husbands family has lived in North Carolina for many generations, dating back to before the civil war! They were farmers and some of them are still farming today!

When I married my husband the furthest east I had ever been was Rock Springs, Wyoming! What an adventure for me to travel across the United States by car and live in North Carolina for a time.

As the years have gone by we still enjoy visiting the area and one of the places we love to visit is Merchants Millpond State Park. This park is located in Gates County and is open year round. It’s a great place to take the family.

Merchants Millpond was essentially built by some early settlers who wanted a place of commerce for the area. They dammed up a portion of the creek so they could create a grist mill and a sawmill among other businesses. There is not much commerce happening around the area now but what it has become is a wonderful place to get a away, slow down and view life through a different lens. To read more about the history click HERE

This areas most popular way to be viewed is by canoe. You can rent them or bring your own. While paddling through the murky waters, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for turtles, alligators, and wading birds such as herons and egrets. Also notice the beautiful trees, the towering bald cypress and the tupelo gum trees, decorated with wispy Spanish moss. You’ll notice the base of the trees are much thicker. That’s to give the trees more space as their roots are mostly covered in water.

Merchants Mill Pond, NC
The family pushing off into the waters of Merchants Millpond in our rented canoes

There are other ways to enjoy the park too. If you want to view the area on foot there are 9 miles of hiking trails to explore. A couple of the trails are even open to bicyclists. Trekking tip: there are ticks in the area so wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and tuck pants into socks. Check for ticks often. More tips can be found HERE

Thinking of camping? You can do that too! They offer tent and trailer camping, group camping, backpack camping, and paddle in camping. There is a variety of settings that should please just about everybody! You can find all camping details HERE. Trekking tip: remember what you bring in must be taken back out!

Picnic Time at Merchants Millpond
After several hours of paddling we were ready for lunch!

There are no food vendors on site so remember to pack plenty of water, snacks and maybe even a picnic!

Hope this was helpful in determining if your next adventure includes a trip to Merchants Millpond in North Carolina. But wait, maybe your next adventure you want to take is in Mexico! We have access to 6 beautiful Vidanta resorts that can be rented out 1 week at a time. To start your planning CLICK HERE! And thanks for reading!

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